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Yessi Arifin

Product designer

I bring passion for my craft, dedication to learn, empathy for my customers, and wisdom to collaborate with a diverse team.

Presently designing at IBM & teaching at General Assembly.

Let's chat over tea!

Netflix Design Concept

Unofficial redesign of Netflix mobile and television experience. Focus on navigation, transitions, and microinteractions.

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I love Netflix’s service. I wanted to explore unique and fun ways of choosing movies to watch. I explored transitions and transforming card views while navigating through genres.


For this design, I kept it simple for the images and text had to be legible from 10 feet and navigation is limited for most systems. The background is a soft blur of the movie in focus, easy for the eyes. The transitions are simple, but enhances what is in focus.

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Appy is a mood journal app. You can explain your feelings in the moment through conversation.

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Native app

Appy features an intuitive natural language user interface. While therapists give clients a worksheet or a mood journal every week to practice realistic thinking, writing an entry about an emotional time on a worksheet can feel overwhelming. Compliance rate for electronic diaries was higher at 94%, while the rate was 11% for paper diaries. With this in mind, we made Appy digital.

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We support therapists in improving clinical decision making and treatment outcomes. Instead of having to pull out a journal, Appy takes you through a series of individualized questions as if you are texting a friend.

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“It is a timely product.”

— Dean A Tripp, PhD Departments of Psychology, Anesthesiology & Urology Queen's University, Canada

“It could have therapeutic potential.”

— Myriam Mongrain, Ph.D, C.Psych. Associate Professor, Department of Psychology York University, Canada


  1. Prepare an agenda prior to all meetings to keep on track and be actionable.
  2. Ask open questions and do not assume your users’ needs.
  3. Work with a project roadmap to stay on track in the chaos.
  4. Share your work often to potential users for feedback.
  5. Engage your immediate network for support to grow your customer base.
  6. Define roles and responsibilities to make the most use of resources and time.
  7. Trust your team.

Green Change

Green Change is an organization that works on food, education, public space, and planning issues.

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Branding guidelines

Green Change, an environmental program which is based in the Jane and Finch community in Toronto, was looking to gain participants through communication design. I was brought on as a visual designer to help in outreach and communication through developing a brand, website, and print collaterals.

Landing page

We built the website to raise awareness of Green Change's programs and resources with the community. I designed and built the site with HTML/CSS, using Barley CMS.

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Intune Labs

Intune Labs is a series of workshop where a community of creators can come together to explore, discover, and transform the way they create.

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“I feel inspired and motivated to develop and fine-tune my design process in coming projects”


“I feel like I am not alone in the struggles I face, and like I’ve gained some new insight on different approaches to solving a problem.”


“[I learned] that there’s no single solution. It’s all about the process of growth”



  • Creative spaces, Mar 2015
  • Working spaces, Aug 2014
  • Creative spaces, May 2014
  • Personal challenges, Apr 2014
  • Design process, Feb 2014

More Projects

Outside my work, I consult for startups, create information designs, do illustrations, and make the occasional poster.

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